Successful Flower Arrangement: Some Practical Advice

In addition to the garden, the home can also be decorated with floral art. In addition to bringing a natural and pleasant touch to your home, floral art also allows you to enhance the decoration while using your favorite flowers. So, make your home more beautiful with homemade flower bouquets, especially since there is something for everyone. Simple or designed, you can make a beautiful floral arrangement according to your preference and taste. To help you, here are our tips for successful arrangements.

Choosing the Flowers

When making a floral arrangement, it is natural to use your personal taste for the flowers to be used. Nevertheless, it is also important to take into account some criteria that can contribute to sublimating your composition. For example, you must take into account the lifespan of the flowers when they are cut. Indeed, not all flowers have the same lifespan after being cut. A tulip, for example, can last 3 to 5 days, and a carnation will only wilt after 15 days.

In addition, it is also essential to know how to harmonize the colors and varieties so that the bouquet of flowers can be a real decorative object. You can also ask for the help of a professional from Josette Flowers if you need it. Between the gradient tone and the contrast, it will be necessary to choose well the marriage so that the composition is perfectly homogeneous and adapted to your interior. If you like roses, you can for example make a marriage with peonies that you will put in a palette of white to purple. This will undeniably produce a very pleasant and harmonious effect. Finally, if possible, choose seasonal flowers for your composition.

Compose the Bouquet

Once you have chosen your flowers for your floral art, it is then necessary to move on to the assembly. Indeed, the assembly of a bouquet of flowers must be done in several steps, some of which are as important as the others. First, clean the stems, taking care to remove thorns and leaves. After that, start the flower arrangement with the central flower, that is, the one that should be placed in the center of the assembly. Then place the remains around it, one by one. To facilitate this step, turn the bouquet on itself.

To add style to the composition, take some foliage and place it around the bouquet, alternating with the flowers. This will further enhance the design of your floral arrangement while breaking up the color of the flowers. Finally, to tie it all together, you can use raffia. For the final touch, cut the stems of the bouquet at the same height once the assembly is finished. You will then have a homemade bouquet that can be used as a gift, decor, or as a condolence wreath.

If you don’t have the time or the motivation to make a flower arrangement yourself, you can always use the services of a specialist such as Josette Flowers. You can also find all the flowers you want to compose the bouquet. Get rid of wilted flowers from the bunch so they do not contaminate the rest of the lot.