Kinza Bamboo Towel or Turkish Cotton Towels: Which One Deserves to Be On Top?

Kinza Towel Review

If you are looking for the top-tier towels available in the market today, then you might be torn between trying out Turkish cotton towels and bamboo fiber towels.

 Definitely, choosing the best towels for you should be greatly based on your personal preferences but if you insist on wanting to draw the fine line between these two remarkable materials for towel production, then we would be willing to help you through this comprehensive review. 

In this article, we will try to find out which material will definitely give more quality to your money and help you spare yourself from wasting your bucks over an overpriced item. 

Turkish Cotton Towels

Turkish cotton towels are premium quality towels that are produced with a proprietary blend of premium materials or 100% pure Turkish cotton. 

Turkish cotton is considered as the holy grail of cotton, alongside other premium quality cotton such as Egyptian cotton. 

Turkish cotton was produced long before, during the Ottoman Empire. This type of cotton is pursued by many due to its distinct texture that exceeds all regular cotton available in stores and is not as heavy as Egyptian cotton. It is exclusively grown in specific regions of the Aegean and is known to get even softer and fluffier after washing and drying.

The distinct softness and durability of Turkish cotton are due to its long fibers with fewer edges that are woven together. This is on top of the fact that these kinds of cotton have significantly higher thread count as compared to other regular cotton. 

In contrast to regular cotton production, Turkish cotton is organic and is produced in an eco-friendly facility in Denizli that runs on solar energy power. 

Other than bath towels, Turkish cotton is also used for the production of other bath linens like bath math, robes shower curtains, and even beddings. 

Towels made out of long-staple Turkish cotton fibers are lighter as compared to other cotton towels. It does not absorb an exaggerated amount of water which reduces the risks involving bacterial growth due to the stuck moisture.

Like other types of cotton, Turkish cotton has its own advantages as well as disadvantages, and here are some of the following. 



Turkish cotton towels are known to dry quicker than other regular cotton towels. This prevents the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew that can cause a distinct odor that is not quite pleasing to anyone. 

Ease of care

Towels made out of Turkish cotton are easily maintained and require little to no effort for their laundry care. Additionally, Turkish cotton towels are known to get softer and more absorbent as it undergoes successive washing and drying. 

Soft and durable

 With their long fibers and fewer joins, Turkish cotton towels are known to be softer and more durable than other cotton towels you can find in stores. 

Eco Friendly

Turkish cotton towels are considered the most eco-friendly among the tier of cotton towels. This is primarily due to the fact that its production runs on free energy and prioritizes sustainability above all. 


Loose Threads

Loose threads dangling around the Turkish towel may be easily pulled which means that it is best that you do not purposely clear the towel with loose threads by pulling. 


With their premium quality, Turkish cotton towels come at a very heavy price as compared to other towels you can buy that deliver satisfactory functionality and quality. This makes Turkish towels unideal for individuals who are on a very tight budget. 

Kinza Bamboo Towel

Kinza is a premium bath towel company that is based in Singapore. As anyone would have guessed, Kinza Bamboo bath towels are made out of bamboo fibers with the most premium quality. 

Kinza Bath towels utilize 100% MōSō Bamboo material in the production of their towels and ensure the consumer of their individual safety while using the shower towel. 

Bamboo fibers present in fabrics are great in terms of texture and absorbent capacity in contrast to other towel brands. 

It is worth mentioning that Kinza towels value their customers by ensuring that their products are 100% safe from harmful chemicals like pesticides and the like.

Kinza Bamboo bath towels have their own upside and downsides, like any other type of bath towel, and here are some that hold great significance to it. 


Eco-friendly and organic

Due to the nature of bamboo plants that require little to no effort in growing, pesticides, and fertilizers, Kinza bath towels can be considered as the most sustainable cotton plant alternative and an eco-friendly option for individuals that seek to help our mother nature. It is organically grown without the help of any chemicals that may soon affect the individuals using the towel.

Soft and durable

Kinza towels are known for their significant durability while allowing the consumers to feel the cloud-like feel with every touch to the skin. Kinza towel ensures its users have no micro-abrasions caused by rough shower towels and at the same time, ensures that the towel with last longer the any of its competitors. 

Anti-bacterial properties

The 100% MōSō Bamboo Material present in Kinza bath towels ensures the additional line of defense against issues linked to microorganisms. Bamboo fibers are known for their distinct anti-bacterial properties that ensure anyone of a clean and hygienic towel every after use. 

Absorbent and quick-drying

Kinza bamboo towels are as highly absorbent as it is capable of absorbing water seven times its actual weight. However, unlike other towels, these bath towels are capable of drying quickly with their proprietary technology. 


Fiber acquisition process

Considered as a revolutionary alternative to cotton with very low sustainability, Bamboo requires a more intricate process of extracting the soft fibers out of its hard stems. This can be considered as a downside of this material as it requires a state-of-the-art facility as compared to other kinds of cotton.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Overall Verdict 

Both materials, Bamboo fibers, and Turkish cotton fibers show exemplary quality and truly deserved to be considered as great materials for premium quality towel production. However, After an extensive review of these towel materials, We can say that Kinza bamboo towels deserve to be on the top pedestal. 

The bout between the two was close enough but if we look into the price of towels made out of Turkish cotton and the Kinza towels, clearly Kinza bamboo towels will definitely give more value to the money you spend as Kinza bamboo towels are a fraction of the price of Turkish bath towel, while delivering exclusives features like anti-bacterial properties that isn’t in Turkish bath towels.

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