To identify fake loans on the Internet you must answer the following question:

Am I being asked for money to give me a loan? If they ask you for money upfront to give you the loan you are definitely in the wrong place, because you will get hurt. Most of the fake loans have an offer with the fast no paycheck, no paperwork loan. In other words, they give you the loan without any prerequisites. The only thing they ask for is a deposit to an account.

Who are the no-money-down lenders?

The lenders that do not ask you for money upfront are the companies that are legally constituted and are dedicated to personal loans and quick loans. Some of these companies are Fintech companies. A boom of fast loans on the Internet.

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Complete guide to spotting online loan scams

To apply for a loan you used to need a lot of paperwork and wait for them to contact you to tell you if you qualify. Now, it’s possible to get a loan online in just a couple of hours.

But, with the emergence of online lending, scams by phantom companies have increased to take advantage of people in need. And one of the quickest ways to identify them is when they ask for money. For more tips to prevent online loan scams, check out QVCredit Licensed Money Lender Singapore.

Why am I being asked for money to give me a loan?

If they put as a condition that you must pay a certain amount of money or give an advance to cover disbursement fees or some other term, stay away from that offer. No entity has to ask for any kind of payment in advance except in cases where they charge a few cents or even five euros to make sure that your card or account information is true.

Which online loans are reliable?

Keep in mind that not all finance companies are bad, but you do need to be vigilant to identify the possible signs of an online loan scam:

They offer too good an offer to be true

If they offer you a huge amount of money over a very long term, when your income is not that high, it is an indicator that something is not right. These offers that look like something out of Alice in Wonderland are a red flag, and you need to be very vigilant.

They ask for passwords and account information

No one should ask you for personal information such as bank account passwords, credit card codes, etc. in order to grant the loan. If you are asked for this information, you should NOT provide it. This is undoubtedly one of the main signs that cast doubt on the veracity of the offer.

It does not have a website with information about its origin and history.

Any serious company, no matter what business it is in, should have information about its foundation, its history, mission, vision and all the institutional information that helps to prove the seriousness and veracity of the company.

They do not appear in the credit comparators

Many websites are dedicated to providing information so that you can compare the different alternatives available. Serious banks and financial institutions are listed there. If the company you are looking for does not appear in any of the search engines, it is another warning sign.