Ways to Go to a Music Festival

Every regular visitor of summer music festivals knows that these are quite expensive events. The price of the ticket itself is usually a small percentage of how much it seems on the spot. That’s why we have prepared a short guide that will help you to keep the festival expenses a little tame.

The earlier the better

It is a cliché, but at the same time one of the best ways to save a large part of the budget. It’s best to start planning a trip to the next edition of the festivals … right after coming back from this year’s event. How is this supposed to help?

  • Most organizers make available a limited pool of tickets many months before announcing the stars, and even before setting a specific date for the event. If you know that next year you will definitely go to the same place, follow the information from the organizers carefully and try to buy a cheaper ticket right away.
  • Accommodations bought in advance are cheaper – so it is worth taking care of them as early as possible. The closer you get to the event, the less choice and the higher prices.
  • Air tickets are usually cheaper too, if you buy them earlier. In addition, the number of options simply decreases with time. If you don’t take care of transport earlier enough, you may have trouble getting to your dream party.

Budget – that sounds a little rock’n’roll, but…

Although it’s very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, it’s worth planning the festival budget and trying to keep it. Unfortunately, food and drinks at festivals are usually terribly expensive. In addition, there are record and clothing booths everywhere. How not to buy yourself a T-shirt of a band that may never show up in this part of the world again?

And here we come to the point! Try to predict all possible expenses before you leave. Take into account such costs as:

  • food and drinks on the festival grounds,
  • City transport / transport on site,
  • festival souvenirs.

There is no need to convince anyone about the need to eat a solid meal. But instead of spending a fortune on a gluten-free festival burger and hipster drinks, it’s better to jump out of the event area and go downtown? Of course, if the music show agenda allows it. Probably every trip outside the festival grounds is a big saving for your budget. Just don’t be too hard on yourself – after all, you have a vacation!

Secure your finances!

During summer holidays, especially during the festival, it’s easy to forget yourself and give up carefree fun. In addition, everywhere is crowded, and it is not difficult to lose your wallet. How can you protect yourself against unpleasant situations?

  • For the festival take the amount of money deducted or pay by phone using the proximity Visa card on your phone or Mastercard on your phone.
  • Check what limits you have on your cards – if you think they are too high, change them for the duration of the festival.
  • Write down on your phone the number to the bank where you will block and reserve the card. If you lose your ID card, also inform your bank about it.
  • If you stay at the hotel, ask for the safe and keep the most important documents and money or cards there.
  • Prepare a rescue budget – the amount set aside in a safe place is enough for a modest festival experience and safe return home.
  • You can also take your prepaid card, which will contain only as much money as you want.
  • If you pay by phone, don’t forget to turn on your PIN lock or other security.
  • Going abroad? Check the costs of cash withdrawals from ATMs abroad and the amount of commission for non-cash transactions abroad.

Pack it up smartly

Small, compact luggage is always a big saving. You’ll appreciate it, especially if you’re going on a trip abroad – the smaller your backpack, the more likely you are to avoid extra charges. And that is not the only advantage of minimalistic luggage!

If you manage to pack in a small backpack or suitcase, which you will usually carry with you, you will avoid many dangers associated with losing your luggage. Remember to always have your money and documents with you, not in your luggage.

Finish the party with class!

In the end, we have nothing else to do but wish you a good time, wherever you go!