Festival Event

You hesitate to make a festival? You are not motivated or you have no interest in going? Then here are 15 good reasons to get off the couch and go partying… Even if sometimes it’s not so easy!

When we go to a festival, it’s usually one or more reasons that make and motivate our choice. These reasons vary according to people, but in the end, we all go more or less for the music and to be with friends or family.

But that’s not all! I took care to note some more reasons, to motivate those who would hesitate to do a festival during their trip, or for a weekend.
Certainly, they are more or less minimal and that’s what makes you a festivalgoer when you manage to overcome these small coerciations. I have also noted them, to know whether or not you are made to go to festivals, even if you have good reasons at the base!

The 15 good reasons to go to a festival

Because you need to let off steam.

Your boss is a jerk, taxes are down, your kids are cracking you up, you really need to release all the tension and stress that’s inside of you! So it’s a good reason to go to a festival. It will allow you to scream, jump, sing and bring out all the rage in you, without violence of course…
Even if in the end, you know what awaits you when you get home!

Because you have music for several days.

The advantage of festivals is that they usually last more than one evening. It’s an opportunity to get your ears full with all the artists who come one after the other. Hours and hours of music to travel and fill up with energy…

Because you will discover new artists.

It’s a little bit the magic of festivals, there are often several artists who pass by and we don’t know them all. We go there to see a group or a singer and in the end we come out with new musical knowledge.

Because you will be able to proudly deploy your tent 2 seconds as in the ad.

We don’t often have the opportunity to take it out and this is one of them. Put there among the hundreds of other who throne as in an exhibition! To spend the night outside under a tent, it’s great and original…

Because you’re going to drink cannons with your buddies.

In a festival, you will always find something to drink and not necessarily water. Often beer, sometimes wine, sometimes strong alcohols, you will have your little cup with the effigy of the festival and you will spend a convivial moment sipping demis with your friends

Because there is no age to go to a festival.

If you feel too old, it’s all in your head. I’ve seen old people having fun like young people and vice versa, so why not you? A style of music is not necessarily linked to a certain age group…

Because it opens your mind a little.

You’ll meet a lot of people and you’ll learn that not all of them live like you, think differently, don’t listen to the same music, it will make you curious, and you’ll take more and more consideration and respect for all plausible or even far-fetched ideas…

Because you can dress up as a surfer with fishing boots on and it doesn’t shock anyone!

We almost don’t disguise ourselves any more these days, afraid of being ridiculous surely! But the festivals are a big advantage if you like to disguise yourself because here it is allowed, even encouraged.

Because it’s outdoors and it feels good to be outside listening to good sound.

That’s what makes festivals special. On a beach, in a field, in the city center, you will have fresh air and you will enjoy the sun or the stars and …
Even if the weather turns bad and the feast is stopped or cancelled, you have to keep your spirits up. Yes, because if it rains it’s loose!

Because you will meet people.

It’s an opportunity to put your shyness aside and go towards others. In any case, someone will come and talk to you at some point. Maybe a Rock or Electro fan like you, or maybe the person you’ll end the night with, who knows?!

Because it will break your routine.

For a weekend, there’s no more work, no more crafts or parties at lame clubs. A festival is always original, it breaks our habit, it makes us think of something else, it makes us travel…

Because you are nostalgic for the hippie years.

The hippies are a little bit the pioneers of the festivals so it’s normal that we always find a roots side. You’re a fan of “Peace and Love”, so it’s a good reason to go to a festival, in cool mode, with a relaxed body and a spirit of sharing…

Because you will admire the shows on stage.

Sometimes the groups have crazy sets, high-flying dancers. There are pyrotechnic shows, light shows, giant screens. It happens on the stage and you will be amazed…
Even if you will have a multitude of cell phones in the air, filming or taking blurry photos that will spoil your view! (I’m the first one to do it, booo!!!!)

Because it enriches your journey.

When you go to visit a country to discover a different culture, it’s good. But partying with its inhabitants for a weekend is better! You’ll surely learn more things, including how they party…
Although sometimes you will really wonder where you have fallen and what will happen to you.

Because your favorite singer will stare at you among all the people, point at you and tell you to get on stage.

He will hand you a guitar and ask you to accompany him for the next song. You make the festival vibrate, you unleash the audience, you even kick your idol off the stage by doing a memorable solo that will forever be engraved in the history of Rock and Roll.
Even if you have more chances to win the lottery, it’s a great way to have sweet dreams too!

So you’ve been able to read different reasons to go to the festival and I hope they will motivate you to do so. Some of them are so motivating that in the end, constraints are put aside and even create anecdotes and good memories to share. It’s still a good reason to go to a festival nan?